Quit smoking to start your year off right

Every January 1, people all over the world make New Year’s resolutions. If you’re one of the 88% of smokers who want to quit, why not make a resolution to get started? Quitting now can cut your risk for diseases caused by smoking and improve better health outcomes.

Planning ahead is a major part of successfully quitting smoking:

  • Choose a quit date. Starting the new year smokefree is a great idea.
  • Let loved ones know you’re quitting so they can support you.
  • List your reasons to quit smoking.
  • Figure out what triggers make you want to smoke so you can avoid them, especially during the early days.
  • Have resources you can turn to for help right away.

The Quitline can offer free resources to help:

  • FREE 2 Weeks of Patches or Pills for qualified recipients
  • FREE coaching and support 24/7
  • FREE tips and tricks for managing urges and triggers

Because cigarettes contain nicotine, a powerfully addictive drug, when you first quit, your body may feel uncomfortable until it adjusts. This is withdrawal, and there are medications that can help lessen this feeling and the urge to smoke. Studies show that smokers who use medicine to help control cravings, along with coaching from a quitline or from a quit coach, are much more likely to succeed than those who go it alone. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or other health care provider before using any medications.

Isn’t now the perfect time to quit smoking? You can start the new year as a non-smoker by making a quit plan, using free resources, and finding a smoking medication that’s right for you. Even if you don’t smoke yourself, you can use these tips to help a friend or family member become smoke free in the new year!